-Mayberry was recommended to me by two members of my Alzheimer’s Support Group. Both of their wives had positive experiences  at Mayberry. I am thankful to them every day for their recommendation.

Carol loves being at Mayberry. She is excited to go to Mayberry each morning. Once there she enjoys the many, varied activities that are planned each day and she has made several friends. After I pick her up, she tells me about her experiences that day.

The managers and staff at Mayberry are well trained and they create an atmosphere that is positive and compassionate.

Mayberry simply is a blessing in both of our lives.

I give Mayberry the highest possible recommendation.

-Richard J. 2022


-What a surprise over the past few months to enjoy (even more than before) my growing excitement in playing games, dances, and sports as offered as Mayberry activities. I am especially fond of helping new participants find arts, sports, and celebration. Thanks for inviting us to participate in goals.

-Carol J., 2022


“Mom has been going to Mayberry for a year now. I had driven by their facility practically every time I left the house as they are right around the corner from us. Mom has had dementia/Alzheimer’s for 6 years now and has steadily declined, so caring for her in her home 24/7/365 was getting a lot more difficult for me.

I was seriously considering that it was time to start looking for a memory care facility for her to live full time, but when her primary care doctor suggested senior day care, and specifically recommended Mayberry, I took it as a sign. And I am SO happy I did.

I called for a visit and tour and immediately felt comfortable. Jessica and Risa and everyone there were enthusiastic, professional and courteous and have such empathy and compassion for not only their charges, but their families as well. The transition was a bit difficult. Mom has always been an introvert and has difficulty making new friends and talking to strangers. There were several days of tears or anger, but as soon as we walked in, she was made to feel appreciated and special. She almost always comes home in a good mood.

The staff at Mayberry really keep their clients busy with entertaining engagement. Letting them know if Mom is particularly wobbly or weepy helps them be alert to potential problems and they will keep an extra eye on her.

The transition was also a bit difficult for me. It’s hard to turn over care of a vulnerable loved one. But over the last 9 months, I have come to think of the Mayberry staff as our extended family. We started out slow- 4 hours a day twice a week and have ramped up to 5 hours a week 3 days a week. At this time it is the perfect balance to give me time to run errands, do chores or take the dog for a proper walk and still care for mom in her home.

For that I am truly grateful.”

Kathy C. and Doris B- 2022


“My Dad was diagnosed with Dementia, and initially we didn’t know what to do and how to help him. We are so fortunate to have discovered Mayberry Senior Services! The Executive Director and staff are an amazing combination of being professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Each day my Dad goes to Mayberry, staff greet him with smiles, hugs, and help him feel valued. Dementia takes away many skills that my Dad once had, but at Mayberry, the staff and programming help him retain his individuality and his core values and give him back a sense of purpose. They engage Dad in meaningful activities and especially in gaining new relationships and a variety of social skills. The activities are therapeutic and designed to help stimulate Dad’s cognitive abilities while having fun. Mayberry is our “go to” place for information, resources, and support. And, not only does my Dad have fun at Mayberry, my Mom gets a chance to catch her breath and to take care of herself. The smile I see on my Dad’s face after a day at Mayberry is worth more than I can say. I will always be grateful to Mayberry and the wonderful people who work there. Mayberry has truly been a lifesaver for my Dad and my family.”

-Dana R. December 2018


“Mayberry is an amazing place for seniors with Dementia to go and spend their time. I am a professional who works in the community with family members of those effected by the disease and often recommend Mayberry to provide socialization, fun and safety! Mayberry has helped many seniors and their loved ones to find moments of joy!”

-Abby A., August 2018


“Momma loved Mayberry, the staff is exceptional, kind and loving.”

-Theresa B. July 2018


“My wife has been enrolled at Mayberry Senior Services for two years.  Jessica and her wonderful staff have created a warm, caring and nurturing environment. My wife and I are happy with the activities and companionship that she receives.  I am personally grateful to have found a program that allows me to experience some worry free respite.  I would recommend Mayberry to anyone looking for Day Services for their loved one.”

-Chuck C., Albuquerque, July 2018


“My husband Bill suffers from mixed dementia, and as a result, requires special care. Mayberry Senior Services provides just that. Bill has been attending for over a month, initially once a week. He enjoys himself while there that he is now going twice weekly.  The owner and staff provide a warm, safe and caring environment in which Bill is treated with love, kindness and respect.  The enrichment activities offered are first rate and the staff is excellent at engaging Bill.  I am so grateful that I learned of Mayberry and I am thankful for the respite they provide.”
~ Linda H., September 2016​


“Mayberry has been a blessing not only for my father but also for my entire family.  My dad looks forward to going to Mayberry each afternoon and he leaves the program really happy.  He is safe, happy and has a great time with the staff and other clients at Mayberry. The program has allowed my family much needed respite, which has allowed us to get back to a bit of normalcy in our lives. Blessings come in the most unexpected places.”
~ Sue R., June 2016


“Upon arriving to Albuquerque, I didn’t know what type of services were available for my husband while I attended an informational class for Alzheimer’s Disease.  I was told about Mayberry Adult Day Care while visiting a nursing facility. After the trial run, my husband was receptive to attending on a weekly basis.  The staff is always enthusiastic, energetic, greets him cheerfully at the door and the same when he leaves.  The facility is clean, cheerfully decorated and I also get a monthly menu and activity schedule. I am pleased with the way this arrangement has worked out for me.”
~ Mrs Archuleta, June 2016

“I was concerned about how my mom and I were to attend class at the same time and where would we take my Dad? Dad is 76 years young and has late stage Alzheimer’s Disease.  When we were told about Mayberry Adult Day Care, I didn’t know what to think. But we took Dad to see the facility and Jessica and her staff are so knowledgeable about his disease and mindful about Dad’s needs that I knew he was in good hands.  We take Dad every week and he is always happy to go.  The staff is bilingual and they often speak to Dad in Spanish which he enjoys.  He always has fun doing the projects and arts and crafts which entertain him and put his mind at ease.  He feels comfortable at Mayberry and always says “I love you” to Jessica, Norma and the staff when he leaves.  They always welcome him back and he has met friends at Mayberry. He wants to come back every week and visit them. Now that our class is over, we will continue to take Dad to Mayberry, as it is therapeutic for him and he is always happy and joyful after his visits.  Thank you Mayberry! I sing you praises and will recommend your facility for anyone in need of Adult Day Care Services. You truly made a difference, not only in mine and Mom’s lives, but most importantly my Dad’s.”
~ R. Chris Archuleta, June 2016