As your parents or loved ones get older, there may come a time when they need additional help during the day. Even if they live with you, you may be hesitant to leave them on their own when you go to work, run errands, or take care of other responsibilities. 

This is when adult day services can be invaluable. These locations offer seniors engaging activities and hot meals and ensure they are cared for all day long. Some of the signs it may be time to consider these services for your aging loved one can be found here. 

Falls or the Possibility of Falls

Each year senior falls result in over three million visits to the emergency room. If you are concerned your parent or older loved one may fall when on their own, an adult day service can be beneficial. These services provide help and supervision to ensure falls don’t occur. 

Poor Nutrition or Eating Habits 

As people age, it may become more difficult for them to cook for themselves or even remember to eat during the day. This can lead to improper nutrition. There are other factors that may cause this, as well, including:

  • Certain medications
  • Reduction in taste and smell
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Illness
  • Not wanting to eat alone
  • Issues using utensils 

At an adult daycare service, seniors are given hot meals and provided with assistance eating, if needed. This is going to help reduce the issues that go along with poor nutrition. 

Transportation Issues

If you have taken your senior loved one’s keys away due to safety concerns, they may feel trapped at the house all day. Adult daycare services often provide transportation for seniors. Not only will these transportation services take them to the facility, but many also offer outings and transportation for errands. This helps ensure your senior loved one can still get around without creating a safety hazard for themselves or someone else. 


There are several factors that may result in a senior feeling lonely or isolated. However, if you work all day or are away for other reasons, they may begin to feel depressed and even develop a mental or physical illness. With adult day care services, it’s possible for the senior to interact with other people their age, participate in group activities, and even have others to eat with daily. 

Memory Concerns

Even during the earliest stages of memory impairment, it’s possible for a senior to experience safety issues. If you have noticed your loved one is more forgetful than usual or has a hard time keeping track of what they need to do, they could be struggling with memory issues. With adult care services, you can have peace of mind that your loved one’s memory issues won’t get them hurt or cause other issues while you are away during the day. 

Are Adult Care Services Right for Your Older Loved One?

As you can see from the information here, there are more than a few reasons that adult care services may be needed for someone in your life. Consider the issues here to figure out if they would benefit your loved one.