At Mayberry Senior Services, we believe we have created a higher standard when it comes to senior services.

People who know the industry often lament some of the corner-cutting that is too often done by large corporate facilities, or they may think of new ideas that would raise the standard of care, but aren’t universally adopted. That’s a noble way to address improving care, and we think it helps. 

We put 100% into designing what we offer America’s seniors, and it shows.

Staff Ratio

Pretty much anyone in a clinical capacity or associated with the industry would say that a good staff ratio is crucial to quality and success.

In other words, this translates into individual seniors feeling safer and more well-served in a facility.

With staff ratios of 1 to 5, we put some actual investment into maintaining a better than average result for our residents. People who tour the facility or spend time there can see how that works firsthand – it not only provides better response for residents, but it also translates to better morale among staff, and less burnout here compared to some other businesses in the same sector.


We know as a whole that activities help with memory and stave off depression and anxiety, as a whole, for a number of reasons based on the tenets of human psychology. 

So when we offer sing-alongs or arts and crafts time or anything else, that’s a deliberate service to our residents to keep them busy and active during the day. This is good for a person’s mental health, but it’s also good for their physical health, too. To the extent that someone elderly can be mobile, we want that to happen, because it preserves their health and quality of life for longer.


Clinical people also knew the value of nutrition, but that doesn’t always translate into direct action.

For instance, we know that you get three square meals a day at most facilities. However, the best nutritionists stress the ideal of providing smaller and more frequent meals, which is also part of our goals and objectives for our community of seniors. 

Sit down with the staff at Mayberry Senior Services to talk about what’s right for your aging family member. In working directly with families, we understand what they face when choosing a place for a loved one, and we’re ready to help you to put a solution in place for your family’s future.